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“music this good, this emotionally involving and powerful should be experienced first hand... dynamics that range from a whisper to a roar, grooves that can seduce with a gentle caress then leave you reeling with the ferocity of their attack.” Desert Psyclist

"Thoughtfully constructed and written it has a sense of the epic and a completely natural feel. For lovers of doom, this is a must." Ave Noctum

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“...the band are a Friday (and a festival) high point" - Sonic Abuse (Hammerfest)

"“ of the best Doom Metal albums that I have ever listened to. 10/10" 

Metal Temple

““A dark, dystopian yet hauntingly beautiful album... Masterful and moving” - Doomed & Stoned



1 May - Desertfest London - Cancelled

6 June - Stonebaked Festival - Cancelled

Past Dates

21 Jan 17 - The Unicorn, London

17 Feb 17 - Club 85, Hitchin

2 Mar 17 - Stevenage

22 Mar 17 - Welwyn Garden City

24 Mar 17 - HRH Hammerfest IX

9 Apr 17 - The Lounge, London

6 May 17 - Sarcoma Fest, Kent

5 Aug 17 - Black Heart, London

26 Aug 17 - Loungefest, The Lounge, London

9 Sept 17 - Balstock Festival, Baldock

29 Sept 17 - Firebug, Leicester

13 Oct 17 - The Dev, London

5 Nov 17 - West Street Live, Sheffield

10 Nov 17 - A Day of Rock, The Hut, Corby

11 Nov 17 - The Castle Tavern, Luton

25 Nov 17 - Riffmass, Green Door Store, Brighton

18 Dec 17 - The Black Heart, London

1 Apr 18 - Club 85, Hitchin

2 May 18 - The Lounge, London

7 July 18 - End of the World Festival, Plymouth

14 July 18 - LeoFest 6, Gravesend

3 Aug 18 - Sludgefest Reading

28 Sept 18 - Club 85, Hitchin

29 Sept 18 - HRH Doom vs Stoner III

3 Nov 18 - The Tonic, Welwyn Garden City

10 Nov 18 - A Day of Rock Festival, Corby

22 Mar 19 - HRH Hammerfest XI

12 May 19 - Club 85, Bloodstock Metal to the Masses Semi final Guest

31 May 19 - Doomsday Fest V, Brighton

30 August 19 - The Unicorn, London

14 September 19 - Balstock Festival, Baldock

10 October 19 - London - Iter Launch Show

Iter Tour: Banbury, London, Norwich, Hitchin, Luton

17 January - The Gryphon, Bristol

15 February - Ye Old Foundry, Dudley

28 February - Harveys, Luton w/ Ohhms


Gévaudan are a doom metal band who combine crushing, grooving riffs with
tales of legend and woe. With influences firmly in the traditional end of the
doom metal genre, they have been cited by Terrorizer Magazine (#281) as
“one of the country’s most interesting doom bands”.

A balanced blend of story-telling, heavy riffs, Iommi-esque solos and dynamic
song writing mean the band continue to carve their own unique niche within
the genre, drawing on influences that include black metal and 70’s psychedelia.
Since their formation in 2013, they have recorded and released two EPs. Both
releases have seen them praised for their take on the genre, being described
as; ‘strong of riff’, ‘talented’, ‘diverse’ and ‘hypnotic’. Their sophomore release,
‘Litost’, shows the evolution and directional intent of the band; heavy doom
filled riffs, melodic trippy interjections with a dynamic vocal range; from clean
glassy highs to guttural growls.

Their live performances raise the bar further. Always excellently received
by the doom, and wider metal, fraternity, their festival appearances have
received huge plaudits from both press and fans alike. They are a well
established act in the UK doom scene.

“...blows open the gates of hell with its dominant and decidedly devilish riffing.” – Worship Metal

"Their crushing swagger is enough to level a small block of flats" – Ramzine (Hammerfest Review)

“Wow...Gevaudan were bloody brilliant - absolutely blistering riffs that tore The Unicorn apart." – Metalmouth (Live review) 

"this quartet are out to make their own mark. Yet again, they’ve done so quite brilliantly." 

– Maximum Volume Music


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